Happy Bike To Work Day!

Taking a quick break from all the talk of training and preparation to wish all you bicycle commuters a safe and happy Bike To Work Day!

If you aren’t familiar with this event – it’s put on yearly by local bicycling organizations and companies to highlight bicycle commuting to and from work.  Because of a number of issues (car related, planning for the upcoming weekend in Lake Tahoe, and some work meetings that have been on my calendar for some time) I wasn’t able to participate by riding today.  However, I’m doing my part to let you all know about it, and making a pledge to bike to work, regularly, after completing ALC in June.  There’s a group that rides from the city to Google most every day that I’ll be joining for the majority of the ride, then striking out on my own for the last 10 miles between the Google campus and the EMC campus.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted, and am hoping that this will help me keep my endurance levels up in the months before training for next year’s ride begins…

Yep, already looking forward to next year…there are a couple of really fun things happening later in the summer and in the fall that I’ll talk about soon.  For now, if you participated in Bike To Work day today – you are AWESOME.  Thank you for doing your part.  Here’s a very abbreviated list of local organizations that are helping celebrate Bike To Work Day today:

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
East Bay Bicycle Coalition
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

Till next time…pedal fast 🙂

– Clarke