I grew up on a bike – in rural Mississippi.  Before you were old enough to drive, having a bike was freedom.  I pedaled to friends houses, to the swimming pool, up and down the banks of the bayou, through piles of leaves, through puddles – basically anywhere my imagination took me.  My two-wheel freedom was eventually replaced by first, a four-wheeler and eventually, a car.  For a brief moment in college I regained my love of cycling and spent a fall semester riding around town with friends after class pretty much every day.  Life got in the way (as it can) and I put my bike away and wound up focusing my energy elsewhere.  I found myself back on a bike almost 8 years later, on the bike trails along the Potomac, just outside DC.  I only got out and rode a few times in that area, and regret not exploring it more.  Fast forward to now – I’m closing in on 40, and have found myself on a bike again, exploring the Bay Area as I train for the AIDS LifeCycle.

This’ll mostly be about my adventures in road cycling, and the insights it provides as I march on towards (and beyond) 40.  There’ll be pictures of some of the scenery I get to see when I’m out for a ride, and (regrettably) pictures of me in spandex.  I would guess that there will be some political commentary here and there, along with my take on cycling news.  Hope you stick around to see where things go.

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