Starting from Zero…

Time off is a good thing…

Until it isn’t.

After AIDS/LifeCycle this year, I continued riding (or trying to) at least one time a week. There were certainly challenges to getting out and committing the time, but I stuck with it. At the same time, I let my diet go to crap, and got back into some negative habits that aren’t really compatible with cycling and any sort of hardcore training. A work trip to Paris was the last nail in the coffin. Upon my return, I couldn’t even look at my bike, much less think about riding. Ultimately, this led to me stepping down from a leadership position in my cycling team – something that just piled onto the mental chorus of reasons I really was done with riding for a bit.

I am here to tell you – my mental and emotional health wound up taking a HUGE hit. Also, my waistline…

So, yesterday, after a huge not-so-healthy dinner, I picked myself up and made myself set the bike up on the stationary trainer.  Then, I actually spent an hour spinning – I’ve lost a lot of my strength/power, but I kept going for the full hour I’d allotted for myself.

Today, I’m starting from zero. New focus on my health, making better choices food wise, and working to get myself back on my bike daily. I have no idea how this will go, but I’m committed to trying. This season, my focus is more on me and rediscovering my love of cycling. Stay tuned. 


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