New year, new adventures…

Well, this has turned out to be the little blog that didn’t….2014 was a big year, and a year full of changes. My cycling tapered off after the ride in June, and I struggled with my motivation to ride. My health suffered a bit, and I am finding myself struggling with routes and familiar sections of road that I recall being much easier/faster.

So, I’m starting over, training wise. I’ve made out a list of cycling goals for the year, gone in for a bike fit (thankfully, somehow my saddle position was WAY off), and have committed to commuting by bike and taking a few mid-week rides in addition to the normal Saturday and Sunday training rides I’ll be doing in prep for ALC.

This morning, I was up at 5 to meet friends at 6 for a ride up to Twin Peaks. We didn’t stick around for a full sunrise, but the view was spectacular (check out the image included in this post). I’ll be doing that ride every week, weather permitting, to help with my climbing. Hope that you all are excited for the challenges and excitement in store in 2015 – I know I am:-)