Guess what I did this past weekend?

I’m a full fledged, certified ALC Training Ride Leader (or TRL, for short).  I spent Saturday and Sunday learning what it means to be a great TRL from a few veterans, the importance of (active!) stretching with Steve and Imee from Renew Physical Therapy, the importance of bike fit with Dan from Revolutions in Fitness, spent some time improving our bike skills with Lorri from SavvyBike, and reviewed some basic bike maintenance and ways to keep things clean and shiny (as much as possible) with another veteran….

It was a really fun, engaging two days.  I’m already reviewing the information we received (and have been getting together my home bike maintenance supplies so I can give the Trek a proper scrub down).  The cycling community I have found myself in continues to provide me with opportunities to grow and challenge myself further – next up is maintaining my own training while I help others begin to prepare for next year’s ride.  After all the support and encouragement I received from my TRLs last year, I can only hope to do the same for the riders I’ll get to spend time with this year.

Also!  I’ve updated my donation page – the same link from last year should still work (and, you’ll see it points back to this blog!).  Please check it out, and if donate if you are able.  Stay tuned for a recap of my first ride as a TRL this coming Sunday!


What I did over my summer vacation…

Time flies when you’re having fun (and when you’re crazy busy at work). As we fall even farther into Fall, and as we begin to see the hints of a change in seasons, I’m beginning to realize that I’ve grossly neglected my blog over the past few months. My lack of posting does not equate to a lack of time on the Trek. While my training schedule hasn’t been as hardcore as the months leading up to ALC 2013, it has kept me in shape and has taken me on a few amazing rides.


In the months following this year’s ALC, I managed to go on a number of group rides with friends, training rides in preparation for back to back centuries, and the occasional solo ride. While I wasn’t on my bike every weekend, I feel like I kept up a decent level of fitness.

In September, I spent a fantastic weekend with a group of riders cycling from Mountain View to Marina and back as part of the 3rd Annual Double Bay Double. The organizer, sponsors, and volunteers did a fantastic job supporting our group as we braved unexpected and strong rainstorms on Saturday, and bumpy roads and headwinds on Sunday. Money raised for the event goes directly to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, providing support for their outreach and caregiving efforts. Two days, and almost 200 miles – definitely a challenging and rewarding experience.


This weekend, I’m in the midst of Training Ride Leader Certification with 5 others in the South Bay. Today was spent in the classroom discussing qualities needed when leading rides, organization details, and also some great information about stretching and basic bike fit. Tomorrow, we’ll focus on basic bike skills and simple bike maintenance.  I’m really excited at the prospect of helping a new group of riders prepare for next year’s ALC – also, getting to spend more time with some of the amazing training ride leaders that I’ve met in the last year.