Cyclist down…temporarily (I hope)…

So, this past Saturday I had my first major tumble on the bike.  I was winding down a spectacular ride from the city north to Woodacre, CA and back.  I’d had a really good day of climbing (having conquered White’s Hill – between Fairfax and Woodacre – for the first time), felt a lot better about my eating and drinking during the ride, and was enjoying the fantastic weather.  That all changed faster than I could’ve expected.

I wound up going down on the bridge on the way back (yes, if you were on the bridge mid afternoon, that was me that bit the dust spectacularly).  There’s a particularly narrow section of the bridge that seems even more narrow when packed with cyclists traveling both directions.  I wound up too close to the hurricane fence on my side – my handlebars got too close to the fence and caught, which turned my wheel to the right pretty quickly.  The bike stopped, and I wound up going over my handlebars.  I’m pretty sure at least one foot was still clipped in, because my bike was pointed the wrong way once I stood it up.

I was pretty shaken up, and it took me a few minutes to get my bearings (thankfully, one of the AIDS/LifeCycle Training Ride Leaders was not far behind me and stuck with me while I regained my composure.  I was able to get in touch with Allan, and he headed out to pick me up – once we got the bike (and me) loaded into his truck, we headed to CPMC Davies to the ER to get me checked out.

After some time, I was discharged with a severely bruised right hand, and an acute radial head fracture in my left arm.  Also, I’m pretty scraped up and bruised in spots.  My bike didn’t fare much better, it looks like – the front rim was bent, and both it and the bike frame are currently at the Valencia Cyclery repair shop getting inspected for damage.

Ultimately, I’m thankful that the accident wasn’t more severe.  It’s going to take a little time to get back to normal – patience is something I’m going to have to really cultivate in the next few weeks, so that I can heal and get back on the bike soon.  Cycling has become really important to me – not just because of the training I’m doing for the ride in June, but because of the friends I’ve made and the sense of community I feel apart of now.  While I’m recouperating, I’ll try and focus on cycling safety and nutrition in my posts – two things I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about over the past few days…

Here’s a picture from Saturday, pre-incident – a reminder of a fantastic day, and motivation to heal quickly and get back out on the road…


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