Random Thoughts on a Wednesday…

I’ll likely post more than a few of these over the lifetime of this blog, so bear with me…

First off, Tour of California.

Looks like they’ve unveiled the routes for all the stages this week.  Bicycling has a good course analysis – each of the stages looks to have its own unique challenges.  Personally, I’m looking forward to the second half of the tour, when the stages move north to the Bay Area.  If I’m lucky, I might be able to catch the start of the Stage 8 (it starts in San Francisco).  If I go, I’ll have camera in tow and will be sure to share pictures!

Second, bonking.

So, yeah, I had my first real brush with the dreaded ‘bonking’ this past weekend.  If you’d asked me on Sunday, I would’ve vehemently denied it.  Me?  Bonk?  Why, that’s just absurd!  I mean, yes, I did make a wrong turn that wound up adding three miles to my route, but that couldn’t have been because I was bonking….no sir…..

For the uninitiated, ‘bonking’ is how cyclists refer to hypoglycemia (medical term for abnormally low levels of glucose).  For a detailed explanation of ‘the bonk’, check out this blog post from the ‘Tuned In To Cycling’ blog.

What I’ve realized over the past few days is that ‘bonking’ is hard to see when it’s happening to you.  I found out that it makes me crabby, and that it lets loose all sorts of loud mouthed naysayers in my head.  It also lowers my route sheet comprehension.  I’ve spent a few evenings so far looking into proper pre and post ride nutrition, and will be approaching my rides this weekend a little differently in hopes of avoiding a repeat.

Third, cycling computers, or Where in the World is Clarke?

I got word earlier this week that my Garmin Edge 510 bundle was finally in stock and being shipped from SlipStreamSports.  It should be delivered in time for me to use it this coming weekend.  Totally excited to see how I can use it to tweak my performance – I wound up getting the bundle that includes the heart monitor strap and speed/cadence sensor, so I should be good to go.  The 510 also integrates with the Garmin Connect app on my iPhone – it allows me to update my location in realtime, and lets others see my progress.  Not sure who will want to watch me training rides, but you never know.

Fourth, the rides ahead…

This weekend will include our first team fundraiser (on Friday night at the Lookout in SF from 5pm – 9pm, come by!).  Saturday, I’ll be joining some teammates for a ride (it sounds like the Tiburon Loop, but I think there’s still some debate), and then Sunday I’ll be headed south to ride with the Awesome Ahead gang.  Not sure what my mileage will be, but I’m planning on having a great time.

Hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week, and weekend!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Wednesday…

  1. Hi Clarke – are you using sodium replacement tabs? When I was training a friend of mine that runs marathons and bikes a lot suggested them and they worked well. I will find the name of the ones I used from REI if you are interested.

    • Using Nuun tabs in one of my water bottles during the ride. Gonna try Recoverite powder post ride this weekend to see if that helps.

      Basically, need to experiment and tweak consumption as the rides get longer and find the regimen that works.

      Please do share what you used during training, I’m always looking for alternatives:-)

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