Amazing Weekend of training rides!

This weekend was full of bike riding.  After a low key Friday night that included baking cookies to hand out to fellow riders, I prepped my gear and headed to bed early.  Saturday morning, I headed down to Mountain View to meet up for the ride led by Chris Thomas.  Our route included one big climb, up Parrot Dr.  The climb was really three separate climbs, each challenging in it’s own way.  The view from the top was pretty amazing (see below):


This ride is the longest I’ve done so far, Strava logged it at 58.5 miles – you can check out my ride stats here.

Sunday, I headed back down south, this time to Sunnyvale to ride with Bob McDiarmid and the Awesome Ahead crew on their ‘Red Dress Day in February’ ride.  The route today was 40 miles, and included even more climbing.  The pic below is from the top of Elena Rd (or, at least the end of the big climb up Elena, there were still a few rollers to get through after this).  That’s a riding buddy, Gary, who was keeping pace with me for the first half of the ride, but totally dropped me after the second rest stop…


Today’s ride, even though it was shorter and not as difficult, was even more challenging – mainly because I wasn’t fully recovered from Saturday.  I realized early on that I wasn’t going to set any speed records today, and settled into a mindset to not quit on any hills and finish the ride.  I succeeded on both points, but did have a slight navigation error at the end, which resulted in about 3 extra miles.  You can check out my Strava data for today’s ride here.

Now, I’m crashed out on the couch, thinking back on the rides and the amazing people I’ve become friends with because of these weekends spent training.  Hope that you all have a great week – check back next weekend to see where my bike takes me!

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